Setup menu:
Flash brightness
Sound volume
Cue length
Cue frequency
Length of cue series
REM detection regularity level

Please touch the right detector (the lowest round element on the side of the board closer to "test/read" button) of SmartLucider to the black rectangle below and press "test/read" button longer for at least 2 seconds. You will hear two beeps within these 2 seconds. Now, the SmartLucider will listen to the settings from your device for one minute. The rectangle flashes in three colours: black, grey and white.
When the SmartLucider detects the starting sequence (it ends at around 13% of transmission), it will beep every time it detects the next colour, which is the next data bit. If data are sent correctly, the SmartLucider will beep twice. If not, nothing will happen or the SmartLucider will beep longer (around 1 sec.). You must be in a room with low or medium brightness. Too bright light can cause improper operation of the detector.
You can program SmartLucider when electronic board is inside or outside the mask. It doesn't matter.
Here is our YouTube presentation of programming of our device:
Set maximum screen brightness if data transfer does not work.

Time to start:


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