SmartLucider is a device that will help you to achieve lucid dreams, as it detects when you are in a REM state. Most dreams occur in this state. The device detects the REM state by infrared sensors. Then, when the SmartLucider detects the REM state, it flashes LEDs and you are likely to have dreams to do with a flashing light. This flashing light in your dream will remind you that you are dreaming. You can see e.g. flashing sky and thanks to that you can realize that this is a dream.

There were devices on the market which worked in a similar way to SmartLucider, however they were much bigger. One of the first devices for inducing lucid dreams was the DreamLight created by the Lucidity Institute from the USA at the begining of the '90s. Its price was around 1000-1200 USD. Then a miniaturized version of it, the NovaDreamer, was created around '93 and it was produced till 2004. Its price was around 300 USD for most of the time.

Previously, we were the producers of REM-Dreamer, a device similar to the NovaDreamer. Our price was 147 Euro and we produced it from 2004 to 2019. We have carefully listened to our customers' feedback. Majority had said that the device was great, but too heavy, too large and too expensive. That's why we created the SmartLucider, which is much smaller, lighter and thanks to that much more comfortable to sleep with. We also managed to price to be much lower at 97 Euro! REM-Dreamer was also the cheapest REM detecting lucid dreaming device of all, but the SmartLucider is a lot cheaper. We are no longer producing REM-Dreamer, it was replaced by the SmartLucider. SmartLucider also has improved REM detection compared to the REM-Dreamer.

SmartLucider is very easy to operate. We created a web application to setup the device. You only have to have an internet browser connected to the internet on any device like smartphone, tablet, PC etc. It works on all internet browsers with all systems like Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS etc. The SmartLucider also has three buttons on the electronic board to run some simpler functions. You can turn the device on and off using these buttons. You can run REM detector test. It is very simple - the more you move your eyes, the louder the buzzer will beep. Thanks to that you can check the REM detection. You can also preview the series of cues, which was set by the web application. Our setup web application is on menu entry "Program SmartLucider".

The benefit of larger devices was that it was easier to secure a stable position on the head. SmartLucider is smaller, thus we found two solutions to stabilize REM detection better, while keeping the device size very compact.

The first solution is that the REM detection of the SmartLucider is based on measuring the regularity level of your eye movement. The regularity level of any signal doesn't change with the signal strength and amplitude, as long as there is at least some signal to measure regularity. Thanks to that the SmartLucider can move on your head a few centimeters in any direction and regularity level will stay the same. REM eye movements are very irregular and non-REM eye movements are very regular. In the pictures on the right you can see usual REM and non-REM eye movements. Non-REM movements look the same almost all the time, while REM eye movements are very irregular. The SmartLucider measures this regularity level of your eye movements and knows when you are in REM and non-REM states.

The second solution is that we added a second infra-red eye detector on the other side of the board. All other REM detecting devices had only one detector. The SmartLucider small mask/pocket is always above your nose and because we installed two detectors on both sides of the board, eye movement detection range is vastly improved. It will be good enough if only one of the detectors is within range of one eye for REM detection to work.

We had implemented these two solutions before we conducted research with an experimental group. Our research has shown that the SmartLucider doesn't move more during the night than the REM-Dreamer. Nonetheless, we decided to keep these two features in our device just in case.



There are better and worse moments to achieve lucid dreaming during REM state. When your brain is more active and movement is higher than usual REM movement, chances are better. So the SmartLucider not only detects the REM state, but also chooses the optimal moments in the REM state to generate cues.

SmartLucider detects when you are in the REM state and emits flashing lights and/or sound cues to remind you that you are dreaming.
The SmartLucider runs on one CR2032 3V battery. You can buy it in supermarkets and also on Ebay etc. The battery should last for 2-3 months of everynight use.
SmartLucider costs 97 Euro (plus shipping cost). We usually send within 1-3 working days.
We ship without a printed manual. The manual you can download from here (in English and German):

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